Upcoming events

  • Marom Friday Night Dinner

    23/03/2018 •

    Join other young professionals at our (FREE!) Marom Friday night dinner full of friends, laughter and amazing kosher food… come and enjoy our friendly atmosphere. This event is FREE...

  • Pesach: Return Sale of Chametz Form

    29/03/2018 •

    We have arranged for the sale of Chametz through Rabbi Shamir Caplan. Download this form and follow its instructions to submit it to Rabbi Caplan.

  • Pesach: Halachic Times/Seder Time

    29/03/2018 •

    Chag sameach! The halachic times leading up to Pesach are as follows: March 29 Fast of the first-born Begin B’dikat Chametz (search for chametz) after 7:50 pm March 30...

  • Pesach Day 2

    01/04/2018 •

  • Pesach Day 7

    06/04/2018 •

  • Pesach Day 8/Yizkor

    07/04/2018 •

    Shabbat services begin at 9:30 am. Yizkor will occur at approximately 11 am.