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CHaT (Education Programs)

CHaT stands for “chinuch and tarbut“, or “education and culture.” Our CHaT program organises occasional Shabbat Iyun guest speakers after kiddush following Shabbat morning services, which have ranged from a musical specialist discussing the songs of the Jews of Morocco to an interfaith dialogue with local representatives of different faiths to a talk on local Jewish volunteering.

The CHaT committee also has arranged and hosted several successful panels in a Gesher (Bridge) series on subjects such as doctors discussing combining their faith with their religious beliefs, Jewish politicians discussing how their faith informs their public service, barristers and law professors discussing their life in the law and their Jewishness, and Jewish research scientists discussing their work.

Other programs have included book launches and author speeches, weekly shiurim on various religious topics, and a lecture on Jewish ecology in a local park.