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Tikkun Olam Committee

About the Tikkun Olam Committee

Kehilat Nitzan strives to combine in its activities the three pillars upon which the world stands: Torah (study), avodah (ritual), and gemilut chasadim (acts of loving-kindness).

Our Tikkun Olam committee works in a number of areas to promote the concept of gemilut chasadim in its broadest sense. These include support for members of our own kehila (community) as well as providing aid and working for social justice within both the Jewish and the wider Australian communities, and encouraging interfaith dialogue.

A couple of our main projects – the Food Van and Nitzanim Singers — are discussed elsewhere.

The Tikkun Olam Committee is calling for volunteers to join its programs. For more information, write to committee chair Rhona Rosenberg.

Visiting the Sick

Kehilat Nitzan has a dedicated group of volunteers trained to visit shul members, or members of their families, who are ill in hospital or who are recuperating at home. If you know of anyone who would welcome a visit from one of our volunteers, please contact the Kehilat Nitzan office on (03) 9500 0906 or send an email. If you would like to volunteer to help in this effort, write to committee chair Rhona Rosenberg.

(Please note that we are unable to offer pastoral visits until a rabbi has been appointed.)

Delivering Meals to Mourners

When KN is informed of a bereavement to a member, the committee organises for food to be delivered to the mourners. A register of volunteers able to perform this mitzvah is coordinated by Paula Rosin. Families who receive these meals have been very appreciative and although this initiative is working well, we can always use more volunteers. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact the Kehilat Nitzan office on (03) 9500 0906 or send email.

Mitzvah Day

Our own shule member, Judy Feiglin, brought the idea of Mitzvah Day from the UK (although it has now gone international), a day on which the whole Jewish community participates in activities to help others, to Melbourne. We participate every year with such activities as a blood drive, performance by the Nitzanim Singers, and other projects which have included a “sunshine for seniors” lunch, gift-wrapping items to support women in crisis, and others, as shown in the following photo gallery.

For more information, see the Mitzvah Day web site. Save the date: November 27, 2016!

Kosher Meals on Wheels

Kehilat Nitzan makes two donations to Kosher Meals on Wheels at Pesach and Rosh Hashanah. This pays for some of the food that is included in the parcels made for the chagim for recipients of meals on wheels.