36-40 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield North, VIC 3161

Ritual & Philosophy

Kehilat Nitzan is a Masorti/Conservative Congregation affiliated with Masorti Olami, the World Council of Conservative Synagogues. Our prayer services are traditional egalitarian, with both women and men participating equally. We use the Conservative movement’s Siddur Sim Shalom prayerbook. For more information, see our Services page.

Masorti is the Hebrew word meaning traditional. Masorti Judaism is traditional Judaism practiced in a spirit of open-minded enquiry and tolerance. Masorti Judaism accepts the binding force of Jewish law, and understands that this law has developed and evolved throughout history. The principles of Masorti Judaism, based on belief in God, combine devotion to Jewish tradition and Halacha (Jewish Law) with an open and positive approach to the modern world, democracy and Zionism.

Masorti/Conservative Judaism is still very new in Australia. Most Australian Jews have not yet heard about us but our short experience already tells us that once people cross the threshold of our synagogue they feel immediately they’ve found their place. The synthesis between, modernity and Halacha, innovation and conservatism, egalitarianism and traditional prayer and, above all, our welcoming non-judgmental spirit is the answer to their spiritual search and needs.

For information about our Ritual Committee, or if you want to help lead parts of our service, contact our gabbai, Sammy Pinkus.

For more information, see the Masorti/Conservative Judaism section of our Resources page.